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Cheers to Transit! Discussions about transit today and tomorrow

Advance Atlanta is launching Cheers to Transit!, a series of events focused on bringing people together to celebrate the transit we have today and discuss the opportunity to improve transit in the future.

Transit is one of the biggest issues our region faces and three different counties are currently progressing towards expanding transit:

Cobb County and Gwinnett County are moving towards transit referendums in 2024. Dekalb County, already a member of MARTA, is starting conversations about how they can fund greater transit expansion.

Our first Cheers to Transit! will be focused on Dekalb County and will be on Thursday, June 29th from 5PM to 7PM at Schoolhouse Gymnasium off Clifton Road near Emory/CDC. It will be a casual networking event where attendees can learn more about future transit on the Clifton Corridor, South Dekalb Corridor, and other possible transit expansion initiatives in Dekalb County.

We hope to see you there!

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