Welcome to the New Advance Atlanta

Wondering what we’ve been up to? You may have noticed that Advance Atlanta has a new look. But it’s more than just our look that has changed. Over the past year, we’ve been working to update our website, logo, and board structure.

So why the changes? The first one started with an opportunity to get some extra help. In 2016, we won grant funding from the American Public Transit Association for an update of our website. While our old website worked well as our organization was just beginning, we wanted a website with enhanced features that could broaden outreach capabilities.

You’ve probably also noticed that we have a new logo and color scheme. Along with the website update, we are rolling out a logo with visuals to evoke the image of transit. This new logo will enhance our stakeholders understanding of what Advance Atlanta stands for.

Finally, we have reorganized our board around five action-oriented task forces, each with a board chair position. These task forces will recruit more Advance Atlanta members to support the board in our major implementation areas. We felt it was important to include these new task forces as we create more opportunities for engagement with the creation of our new website. We are an all-volunteer board, and to increase our reach and effectiveness as an organization we need to recruit teams to assist us in each of these areas:

  • The Communications Task Force communicates the policies, work, programs, and objectives of Advance Atlanta to our stakeholders, members, sponsors, and partners through our social media, website, and newsletter and manages earned media relationships.
  • The Engagement Task Force connects Advance Atlanta to stakeholders and grassroots networks in order to create a community that can help us achieve our policy goals. This committee helps coordinate actions of geographic liaisons and gather local event information to share with members.
  • The Policy Task Force develops all annual policy statements, lobbying strategies, and leads all of Advance Atlanta’s lobbying efforts at the city, county, and state level.
  • The Events and Programs Task Force plans and executes programs and events that move forward the policies, work, and objectives of Advance Atlanta with our stakeholders, members, sponsors, and partners. This includes regional events, workshops, and other outreach initiatives.
  • The Fundraising Task Force secures funds necessary to operate Advance Atlanta at a level that enables us to achieve our goals. This includes setting up membership structures, developing and managing relationships, securing sponsorship for events, and managing grant applications.

Here’s how you can help to advance transit in Atlanta:

  • Sign up for our newsletter, and if you’ve already signed up, make sure we have your full address. We’ve changed our newsletter sign up to ask for you full home address so that we can send you information specifically targeted for you about things like local elections and public meetings. Click here to sign up or update your information.
  • If you have more time to offer, please join a task force that fits your skills or interests. Advance Atlanta is an all-volunteer organization, and we need more help to accomplish all that we’d like to do.  Email us to indicate your interest at [email protected].
  • Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved. Along with the new website, we’re working on an updated calendar of events that will be easier to use and search.

We hope you like our new look and that you’ll consider joining one of our task forces and coming to an upcoming event.


The Advance Atlanta Board