Take Action Now

Georgia Representatives have offered an amendment to prevent another MARTA referendum vote until 2026, signed by Rep. Efstration (HD-104), Rep. Harrell (HD-106), Rep. David Clark (HD-98), Rep. Rich (HD-97), and Rep. Barr (HD-103).

Gwinnett County citizens deserve future opportunities to provide their input through the voting process to expand transit in the County. It is a local decision and should be left to the locally elected Board of Commissioners to decide with input from their citizens to put a transit referendum on the ballot, and not the decision of the State Legislature. This is about local control, as House Bill 930 intended and should continue to be a local decision.

Call your Georgia Representative and Georgia Senator now and tell them you oppose House Bill 930’s amendment to block another MARTA referendum vote!

Find your Georgia Representative and Georgia Senator now at https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do