Improving engagement across the public transportation planning process

Over the past year, we partnered with MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning to examine how open-source, interactive tools might change how stakeholders can meaningfully engage in the public transportation planning process.

Alongside Ride New Orleans and Walk San Francisco, Advance Atlanta assessed the usefulness of the CoAXs tool. CoAXs (Collaborative Accessibility-Based Stakeholder Engagement for Public Transportation Planning) is an interactive planning tool developed by MIT with the goal of enhancing participation and creative problem solving for planning public transportation systems.

Within the tool, users can explore proposed and existing transit routes as well as examine the impact of associated variables such as changing bus speeds or frequencies.

Eight proposed Metro Atlanta transportation projects were selected and tested on the platform, giving participants the ability to toggle the projects across 32 distinct potential scenarios.

To learn more about CoAXs across these resources:

• Visit the CoAXs website
• Read MIT’s research report 
• Explore the Atlanta version of the interactive tool 


Explore the interactive tool