Advance Atlanta: Request for Proposal Questions and Answers


Additional information on our Website Design Request for Proposal can be found by clicking the link below which provides detailed responses to questions received prior to the formal November 23rd deadline to submit questions.

Official responses are due December 7, 2016. 


The Coalition to Advance Atlanta (Advance Atlanta) is a 501(c)(4) organization working to gather people together to learn about and fight for better transit in the metro Atlanta region. We engage our members by providing access to information on how to get involved in influencing the passage of legislation, passing funding referendums, and helping good development and improvements happen. We believe that together, we can raise the standard of transit in Atlanta.

We have received a grant from the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Local Transit Coalition Grant Program to design and develop new features for our website, and we are currently seeking proposals from qualified candidates to complete this work. The purpose of this RFP is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide the candidates with the evaluation criteria against which they will be judged. 

We created our current website at in 2015, but we would like to add features to further engage our members, supporters, and partners.


  • RFP Sent: November 16, 2016 > Passed
  • Deadline for Questions: November 23, 2016 > Passed
  • Questions and Answers Posted on Website: November 28, 2016 > Passed 
  • Responses Due: December 7, 2016
  • Goal for Website Re-launch: January 30, 2017


This is an open and competitive process. The proposal must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the proposal. If the execution of work to be performed by your company requires the hiring of sub-contractors you must clearly state this in your proposal. Sub-contractors must be identified and the work they will perform must be defined. 

Advance Atlanta will negotiate contract terms upon selection. All contracts are subject to review by our legal counsel, and a project will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract, which outlines terms, scope, budget and other necessary items.

The full Request for Proposal with additional details on Advance Atlanta, our audience, project description, goals/objectives and implementation/imeline can be downloaded here.



Budget for website features: $5,000


Please direct questions and final proposals to Advance Atlanta Board Member Alyssa Davis: [email protected]

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