Advance Atlanta goes to camp

On Saturday, September 26th, Members of Advance Atlanta attended TransportationCamp South at Georgia Tech.   TransportationCamp is an “unconference” where sessions are proposed and led by attendees.  Advance Atlanta hosted the “Let’s Advance Atlanta” session, focused on sharing ideas and collecting feedback from fellow transit advocates.

The day started off with an inspiring presentation by MARTA CEO Keith Parker.  Sessions at TransportationCamp covered a variety of  topics, ranging from “A Brief History of Atlanta Freeways” and “Bike Infrastructure Abroad” to numerous sessions on transit including “Transit Equity,” “Let’s Make Buses Sexy,” and “MARTA Army.”

Danielle Elkins began the “Let’s Advance Atlanta” section with a 5 minute pitch on the coalition to Advance Atlanta. This was followed by a group discussion on Advance Atlanta’s role and tactics to work with other transit advocates across the region. We recognize there are a lot of excellent organizations doing incredible work in this field – many were in attendance at Transportation Camp. We look forward to collaborating and sharing information with all of you.

We want to thank those who attended our session and provided valuable feedback. We have made a lot of great connections. We are excited about working with new partners and mobilizing metro Atlantans in support of a unified regional transit system.

How can you get involved with Advance Atlanta? Help us increase awareness of our cause, please invite 10 of your friends to sign-up for our newsletter at AdvanceAtlanta.com/connect

Keith Parker, GM/CEO of Marta, kicked off Transportation Camp with a speech to participants.  Keith Parker, GM/CEO of Marta, kicked off Transportation Camp with a speech to participants. Danielle Elkins kicking of the Danielle Elkins kicking of the “Let’s Advance Atlanta” session

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