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Board Profile: Joey Kline, Treasurer

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

He remembers first using transit – MARTA, specifically – in the late 90s/early 2000s to get to Music Midtown. “I recall wishing that the system went more places to be more convenient to my daily life.” This view was further enhanced while living in Washington, DC for four years. It was then that he realized how important transit is, along with urban design.

Back in Atlanta, Joey sees the partnership between transit, urban design, and land use across the city, citing the many corporate relocations over the past decade where C-suite leadership has prioritized transit-accessibility when choosing a new location. “This, in turn, impacts housing patterns and the result is clear to see based on the dense development occurring in the most transit-rich parts of Atlanta.”

Transit has a marked impact on land use and development patterns, and this is observable when traveling in any major U.S. or global city. The value of property and the corresponding commercial space with the best access to transit is almost always at a premium.

Want to chat more with Joey about transit in our region? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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